Turkey’s Syrian refugee problem spirals out of control

Semih İdiz, Al-Monitor, July 20, 2014: “Turkey’s Syrian refugee problem spirals out of control”

Turkey’s Syrian refugee problem continues to fester and grow with no  apparent resolution in sight, while threatening to spiral out of control and  leading to social tensions across the country. It is not just in towns and  cities near the Syrian border — with a high concentration of refugees — where confrontations with locals are on the increase.
The problem is also spreading to cities far from the Syrian border,  which have a better capacity to absorb outsiders due to their large populations.  Istanbul, with a population of 14 million, is a case in point.

The governor of Turkey’s largest city and financial capital is  talking about drastic measures that include plans to expel Syrians dwelling and begging on the streets of the  city to camps near the Syrian border.

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