Political Crisis in Iraq Deepens as Leadership Deadline Nears

Alissa J. Rubin and Michael  R. Gordon, The New York Times, August, 11 2014: “Political Crisis in Iraq Deepens as Leadership Deadline Nears”

The political crisis deepened in Baghdad on Monday as a deadline approached for naming a new prime minister and the current prime minister appeared on the verge of using military force to guarantee his survival.

As intensive discussions were underway with Fouad Massoum, the Iraqi president charged with naming a new prime minister, the current premier, Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, continued to insist he had the right to form the government because he commanded the largest bloc in the Iraqi Parliament. On Sunday, a defiant Mr. Maliki mustered Iraqi forces in Baghdad’s government center, known as the Green Zone, in a show of force meant to intimidate Mr. Massoum and other leading political figures.

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