“EU reforms becoming anti-democratic tools in the hands of AKP”

Hürriyet Daily News, Barçın Yinanç, July 3, 2014: “EU reforms becoming anti-democratic tools in the hands of AKP”

Turkey’s first quarter economic data surprised the World Bank’s Turkey director.  “We did not expect growth to maintain such momentum and we were encouraged by the strong performance of net exports,” Martin Raiser told me in the interview we conducted recently.

“What does it tell us about Turkey?” I asked him. “It reminds us that Turkey is a part of Europe economically, and as Europe recovers Turkey does as well,” he answered.
When Europe is not doing so well, we tend to forget how important it is for Turkey that Europe does well, he went on to say.

I could not agree more. Some ministers mocked Europe’s poor performance when Turkey’s economic ship was filled with winds from other markets, such as the Middle East. That was when Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) was enjoying a honeymoon-like relationship with the Arab world.

It is no longer the case; the winds blowing from the Middle East have stopped and economically, Europe could be a life saver.

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